A Request, An Invitation, An Opportunity

District 34 Teams with Residents to Launch Community Engagement Program
Beginning this September, District 34 and a group of local residents will launch an extensive community engagement program – 34Next: Community Views on Glenview 34 Schools. The purpose of the program is for District 34 to gain a deeper understanding of the community’s values and help further shape the district’s priorities for its future.  The first session will take place on Wednesday, September 10 at 7 pm at Attea Middle School, and all Glenview residents are invited to attend and participate.
During each workshop, parents, non-parents, business leaders, employees, clergy and all other key community stakeholders will have an opportunity to provide input and feedback to the Board of Education and District 34 leadership. There will be four workshops between September 10 and November 5, with each focusing on a different theme that presents a particular challenge and opportunity in District 34. These topics include a look at the past, present and future of the district, student learning, finances and recommendations for the Board of Education.
Each session will begin with a brief presentation that provides key information about the topic at hand. Participants will then work in small groups to consider current and former questions on the topic focus. Groups will then share their conclusions with everyone in attendance. All input received will play a critical role helping the Board of Education more thoroughly understand the needs of the community.
The first community engagement session scheduled for September 10 will feature Superintendent Mike Nicholson providing a look at the past, present and future of D34. Please see our corresponding graphic for the dates and topics for all four community engagement sessions. We also encourage you to visit page 2 to read more about the volunteer co-chairs of the facilitating team, which will coordinate, host and oversee the entire community engagement program.
34Next is truly a grassroots effort led by citizens of Glenview, and through valued community participation, the diverse thoughts and informed voices of our residents will directly impact the future of District 34.
For more information, please visit www.34next.org or e-mail 34next@glenview34.org.  You can also connect with us online by visiting our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages.