Meet 34Next Co-Chairs Bill Utter & Daniel O’Brien

At the heart of the community engagement program is extensive citizen participation. As residents, this is not only an opportunity to hear from District 34 leaders about the future of our schools but an invitation to ensure our voices are heard. We believe this initiative is so important that we have volunteered to serve as co-chairs of the 34Next program.  
Now we ask you, what do you think is next for Glenview 34 schools? We hope you will join us at an upcoming event to share your views of our future as a community.

Bill Utter

Bill Utter, his wife Leslie and their four children have lived in Glenview for 14 years. All four of the Utter children have attended District 34 schools from kindergarten through eighth grade and are now attending college or high school at Glenbrook South. Bill has been active in the Glenview community, volunteering as a Cub Scout leader and on the parent board for the Glenview Titan Aquatic Club. He is a marketing and communications executive for the firm FleishmanHillard, where he is a partner in the Chicago office.

A Word from Bill: “Nothing is more important to a community than the quality and future of its schools. In Glenview, we are fortunate to have excellent public schools in District 34. Keeping those schools at a high standard requires real input from the community to guide future direction. That's why I'm excited to be working on the 34Next project this fall.”

Daniel O’Brien

Daniel O’Brien and his wife Karen Patterson O’Brien have lived in Glenview since 2000 with their two children Grace (13) and Danny (12). Dan’s kids are currently attending Attea, having started in District 34 in kindergarten at Henking and then moving to Hoffman. Dan’s wife Karen also grew up in Glenview and attended schools in District 34.  Dan has been involved in the community on a number of levels ranging from volunteer work with the schools, his local church and sports teams including soccer, baseball and basketball. Professionally, he serves as principal at Winters Salzetta O’Brien & Richardson, performing litigation work primarily in the area of personal injury and malpractice. Dan also is active in several legal associations where he has held a variety of positions.
A Word from Daniel: “The community engagement program really is an opportunity for all residents – not just District 34 parents – to engage in meaningful conversations about the future of education in our local schools. By serving as co-chair of 34Next, I hope to guide and support our residents in this process so our District 34 leaders understand the needs and priorities of this community.”