Facilitating Team

34Next Co-Chairs will head up a citizen-led facilitating team that will coordinate, host and oversee the entire community engagement program. Information gathered from the workshops will serve as the basis for a summary report that will be presented to the Board of Education in November.

Faciliating Team Members include: 
​Mary Bak, Community Member
Dan Burns, Consultant
Jerry Doetsch, Community Member
Lori Evans, Community Member
Jackie Lutz, Board Member
Mike Nicholson, Superintendent
Jenn Nimke, Director of Communications
Dan O’Brien (Co-Chair), Community Member
Laura Olson, Community Member
Nan Ross-Meridith, GEA President
Cathe Russe, Board Member
Mary Stump, Community Member
Jeanne Sullivan, Community Member
Bill Utter (Co-Chair), Community Member
Mark Walther, Hoffman Principal
Rod Wright, Consultant